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Terminal Operator ICTSI Oregon Comes One Step Closer to Normalizing Activities, Encouraging International Shipping Companies to Return to Service Local Economy

Portland, Oregon (September 30, 2015)—The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has ordered the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), ILWU Local 8, and ILWU Local 40 to cease and desist from a variety of activities at Terminal 6 in Portland that violate federal labor laws. These include engaging in slowdowns and work stoppages, and using threats and coercion to disrupt the operations of ICTSI Oregon, Inc. which operates Terminal 6.

According to Elvis Ganda, CEO of ICTSI Oregon, “We are gratified by the NLRB’s ruling, which rejected all of the ILWU’s legal arguments.  Hopefully, this decision will bring us one step closer to ending the ILWU’s orchestrated and illegal campaign to undermine the success of Terminal 6 and to convincing the shipping companies to return to the Port of Portland.  A fully functioning, productive Terminal 6 is critical to the regional economy and benefits local businesses, importers, exporters, farmers and workers across various industries—including rank-and-file ILWU longshoremen who have suffered a substantial loss of work as a result of their leaderships’ actions.